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  • Entry into Ferrari World
  • Access to 25 thrilling rides
  • Free shuttle service from Dubai
  • Quick pass (optional)
  • Meal voucher worth AED 60 (optional)
  • Make the most of your visit to Dubai with the ultimate skydiving experience
  • Witness the spectacular views of Dubai from 13,000 ft above ground
  • Have the entire dive documented by a professional camera flyer who will accompany you
  • Choose from a drop zone between the Palm or over the beautiful Desert
  • Dive deep into the wonders of Dubai at “Deep Dive  Dubai. 

  • Plunge into the world’s deepest swimming pool, designed for breathtaking exploration and adventure.

  • Experience the thrill of diving in a record-breaking facility with an awe-inspiring depth of 60 meters.

  • Marvel at the underwater cityscape with sunken treasures and captivating marine life. 

  • Discover the future at Dubai’s Time Capsule Museum.
  • Immerse yourself in interactive displays, holographic projections, and virtual reality simulations showcasing groundbreaking advancements.
  • Explore sustainable living, smart cities, space exploration, and artificial intelligence.
  • Marvel at the visionary “Future City” exhibit, revealing Dubai’s urban planning and architectural wonders.
  • Engage with experts, and attend workshops.


We are here to help you to find for them the perfect trip. We will work with you to match your client’s travel interests and lifestyle with the vacation of their dreams and help them find the holiday that will match up with their vacation needs and bud Our agents have been recognized as among the most talented in the travel industry, and excel in creating one of a kind vacations and destination events that offer truly breathtaking experiences at an affordable cost.

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TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. Non Refundable Package 2. Rates not valid for Festive Season 3. Rates are in USD 4. All Taxes and 5% VAT Included 5. Rate is per person 6. Summer Season: 01.05.2018 -30.09.2018 7. Winter Season: 01.10.2018 – 30.04.2019.